7 Ways to Know if the Man You’ve Just Met Online is Already in a Relationship

Let’s say that you met a man online and you really like him, but there is just something about the messaging between the two of you that is making you suspect that he may already be in a relationship.

Here are 7 ways to know if the man you’ve just met online is already in a relationship.

Some of them you can spot right away and some will be revealed over the first few weeks of you communicating.

Tell-tale sign #1 – He asks for your number but won’t give his

If things are going well and he wants to talk to you, but doesn’t want to give out his number then this could be a sign that your calling him could cause problems because he is already in a relationship.

Other similar signs are:

  • He will only give you his work number.
  • He is adamant that you only call during certain times.
  • He says “no texts”

Tell-tale sign #2 – All his emails come from his mobile phone

This can be tricky, but when you get to a certain age (like out of your teens), adults tend to have multiple access to the Internet and the main one for dating is usually access from home – on a computer.

If all his emails are coming from his mobile phone he may be in a relationship and sending them on the sly.

How can you tell? It’s simple, most messaging programs add a rider that it was “sent by mobile,” or they even list the carrier name.

Tell-tale sign #3 – There is no mention of meeting – ever

If you have been talking for a while and things are going really well – and he is local, but he never brings up meeting or turns the conversation if you do – he may be in a relationship.

This is the guy who wants to get his thrill online but has no intention (or ability) to follow through with a relationship.

Tell-tale sign #4 – His profile mentions he is discrete/looking for discretion

This is an easy sign to spot that they guy you just met online might be in a relationship.

Any profile that mentions needing someone who is discrete should be suspect.

It is one thing if they are in a position where PDA is not a good idea, but discretion usually implies that everything has to be hidden.

That reason is usually because there is a wife or girlfriend who would get rather upset if they found out you two were talking.

Tell-tale sign #5 – He only wants to talk/message during working hours

You have to pay attention to spot this one.

Sometimes it is obvious and he will say he is only available during those hours; sometimes you have to pay attention to the time stamp on his messages to notice.

If he is living with someone or has a family, he will keep his extracurricular activities to office hours.

Tell-tale sign #6 – He won’t send a picture

No picture and the profile picture has most of the details of his face obscured.

He isn’t so drop dead gorgeous he is worries about “stalkers,” and no business looks down on having a dating profile any more (if the profile is not bizarre) so he is hiding the fact he is online from someone.

Tell-tale sign #7 – He gets your details confused

If he can’t keep your details straight and keeps bringing up someone else’s, the man you just met online may not only be in a relationship – he might also be a player.