7 Ways to Weed Out the “Sickos” on the Top Online Dating Sites

There are some great people on online dating sites, and there are some real whack jobs too.

Here are 7 ways to weed out the “sickos” on the top online dating sites so you can avoid the wet hair and knife drama.

Weed-whacker # 1 – don’t leave an invitation

Believe it or not, most of the online “sickos” don’t just happen to someone, they are invited in.

Congratulate yourself if any of the following are in your profile:

  • Talk about finding yourself
  • Mention a previous loss
  • Mention any difficult times or struggles

All of these are an invitation to the type of sickos on the top online dating sites that are looking for a “man in need” because they are the ones all the codependent books are written about.

They always need someone to save, whether they need it or not.

If you put any of this in your profile, you have put a bull’s-eye on your chest.

Weed-whacker #2 – Be appropriate with what you share

Don’t share too much intimate or personal detail with someone you don’t know online.

For people who are healthy and sane, this is expected.

What you share should be appropriate to the type of intimacy you have and how old your relationship is in real life.

If you meet someone who really pushes you for details, back away – that’s just not right.

Weed-whacker #3 – Watch for people who overshare

Here is one of the easiest ways to weed out the “sickos” on top online dating sites – count the number of lines in their messages.

You don’t really have to count them exactly, but a visual count is good.

People who are not that stable have a tendency to really overshare and go on and on.

Here are some other writing clues to look for –

  • Pages long emails
  • Run-on sentences
  • People who emphasize things by WRITING IN CAPS
  • People who share things you should really keep for people who know you well, or are your therapist

Weed-whacker #4 – Watch for people who talk “connection”

This is big. If someone starts talking about your “connection” or how you seem “meant for each other” it can be a sign you don’t want to go any further.

Other code words to watch out for are:

  • Soul mates
  • Feeling like they already know you
  • Feeling like they knew you before
  • You are the only person that “gets” them.

All of these phrases mean the person wants to take shortcuts to a relationship and not get to know you in reality.

They aren’t responding to you, but something in their minds.

Weed-whacker #5 – Watch the amount of contact

Are they in your inbox or texting you all the time? That’s not right.

Especially when you are first getting to know someone you want to give them room to breathe.

If they are always there, that suggests there isn’t much going on in their life.

Weed-whacker #6 – Avoid people who push

If the person is really pushing you online – to meet, to say you love them, to do anything; run.

People who push based on online dating messages to form a relationship really don’t know anything about what relationships are about and are going to push in real time too.

Weed-whacker #7 – Watch people who keep saying you aren’t doing things right

If every time you talk to a person online they are pointing out something you have done that they don’t like or don’t agree with, you may want to reconsider talking to them.

Many of the “sickos” on top dating sites have control issues, and it will show up early.