9 Safety Tips For Women Who Consider Online Dating

One of the very real realities of online dating is that it can be dangerous.

Here are 9 safety tips for women who consider online dating that will help to keep you safe.

Safety Tip #1 – Don’t give out your address

Nobody needs to know where you live.

You can be very vague about it – city and state are fine.

If he pushes, that is a reason to pause.

Safety Tip #2 – Don’t give out your real phone

There are tons of options via apps and email services that will get you a free phone number you can use instead of your own.

This will help to preserve your privacy and keep him from sending unwanted texts if things go south.

Safety Tip #3 – Keep it to a short nickname

Don’t give out your last name, and it is a good idea to use a nickname – or just stay with your profile name until you feel more confident.

There is too much that can be found out about someone based on a name and a city.

Safety Tip #4 – Don’t give out too many details

Avoid mentioning what street you live on, what kind of car you drive and where you like to go in your free time.

Until you have a history with someone and have met them offline, no one needs that information.

It will help to keep you safe to keep it private.

Safety Tip #5 – Remember that we “read” our own emotions in other people’s messages

You may feel like your heart swells and this is the one for you whenever you read his messages but remember this, unless you have an established real time relationship and experience with the man – you don’t know how to interpret the emotions in what he rights.

Everything you are “reading between the lines” is actually you projecting your emotions into it.

Safety Tip #6 – Don’t send compromising pictures

Don’t do this. In this day and age, even if you have been married for 50,000 years to the same man don’t even send him one.

Pictures sent online or on a phone are not private by any means.

Safety Tip #7 – If you block, mean it

If anything sends that red flag running up a pole and you decide to block someone on an online dating site – don’t give in to talking to them again if they approach you from another profile name.

That is a serious bad sign if a man doesn’t respect the block and is willing to lie to get another profile and then try and come at you this way.

Safety Tip #8 – Don’t explain yourself

Here is a big one.

Don’t let a man put you in a position online of having to explain or justify your actions – whether those actions involve something you have told him about in your past – or your decision not to talk to him anymore.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your life – ever.

If a man online, who you don’t know, pushes you to explain or justify yourself you just don’t want anything else to do with them.

Safety Tip #9 – Always the Safety 3 rules for meeting

There are three rules for meeting someone in person that you need to always follow.

They are:

  1. Meet in a public place.
  2. Let someone know where you are going and who you are meeting. Give them all of his contact information.
  3. Have someone call you at a set time to check in on you. If things are going great, good. If they aren’t, you can pretend you have to leave for an emergency and get out.