Do Men Have Minimum Standard When Using An Online Dating Site?

Putting together an online profile can be fun, or insufferable painful.

One of the things that doesn’t help is the stress of trying to figure out what is going to make you stand out in the crowd.

A lot of women wonder if men have a minimum standard when using an online dating site that helps them to pick and choose from the profiles online.

The surprising truth is that there is a clearly identifiable minimum standard that most men follow.

They may not be aware that they are following it, but when studies track trends on which profiles get the most contacts – and the quality of the contacts they get – a set of standards becomes clearly apparent.

The basic standards men have on a dating site:

Study after study has been done about what attracts men to different profiles and it isn’t the duck face.

Here is a short list of the minimum standard that most men have when using an online dating site.

  • Men do want someone who is attractive and confident, but not a narcissist.
  • Men stay away from “needy” profiles.
  • Men like to read and look at pictures, but they will respond to profiles that have a personality expressed in it.

The basic rules you need to remember about your profile on a dating site:

If you are trying to attract men on a dating site then there are a few things you need to remember.

  • Remember this – If you are getting a lot of hits for sex and one night stands, take a good look at what how you are presenting yourself.
  • Remember this – If nobody is looking at your profile or messaging, look at your profile pic.
  • Remember this – Everyone is trying to sell themselves.

Think about that last one for a long time.

Why do you choose to buy one thing over another?

Or to go see one movie over another?

Usually it’s because it has something that promises to make your life better or more interesting.

Don’t try selling sex, that is the one thing that would be easy to find online – find something that about yourself that will add to someone else’s life that they can’t find anywhere else.

Present yourself with confidence, but don’t come across as not needing anyone either.

How do you become the one to set the standard?

If men have a minimum standard on an online dating site, how do you create a profile that is going to attract men on a dating site?

The simple way is to try and put your best foot forward and realize that you can’t be “the one” for everyone, but that quite a few men are going to be really interested in you.

Make your profile specific and interesting.

Post pictures you are proud of – not that you think make you look sexy.

Confidence is sexy for both genders.

Developing a winning profile

If you want to know the real trick to developing a profile that is going to surpass the minimum standard men have when they are using an online dating site – it’s to join a few sites that you don’t plan on using and try out your profile.

Make sure the site kind of has the type of man women really want on a dating site, but not too close to home.

Create a profile and then see what type of responses you get.

The responses will reveal your strengths and weaknesses so you can create a winning profile and then post it on the site you want to use.