Why Reputation Management Matters: 3 Steps to Handle Your Online Footprint – Because She’ll Google You!

Step 1 – Google Yourself (in several different ways)

The no-brainer is to google yourself before you even go on a date, exchange names or post an online profile site.

What most men forget is that there is more to a Google search than meets the eye.

To make sure you will really know what she is going to see as your online footprint when she will Google you:

  • Google yourself and look at the first 5 pages of the web results
  • Click on “Images” to see what appears
  • Look at video too

Make a list of anything you don’t like, and then start to address it.

Another thing you should do is to run yourself through the local court system to check and see if there are any old reports on you – or someone who has the same name.

Step 2 – If it’s really bad, write to the website to request it is taken down

Depending on where you live you can also contact Google to make sure that they remove anything you consider to be private and don’t want online.

Many websites will take down, or re-tag, images too upon request – it just may take several weeks to get that to happen.

If someone with the same name as you shows up on the court system, make sure that you manage to subtly emphasize the difference to her (such as middle name or birth year).

If they are your own pictures, take them down.

That can help some with a generic search return.

Step 3 – Pump up your positive online footprint

Next, you want to identify the top sites for personal search returns – such as social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Make sure you sign up, or log in, and update the information on the sites.

Even if there is nothing to update, just erase as sentence and retype it, save the information and as far as the rest of the Internet is concerned this new information will be more valuable than older things online and will appear higher in the search engine results.

You can also –

  • Post and share photos and documents on Google Drive publically, this will get them higher in Google searches on your name
  • Make sure any business site you are on has your name on the page as you can ride their marketing campaign for notice in the results too.
  • Get some friends to post some good pictures of you and tag you in the picture. The more pictures are directly tagged with your name the more they will show up.
  • Create your own website or blog.
  • Create an AdWords campaign

This last one costs a little bit of money but it can really go far in controlling your online footprint and is the best form of reputation management you can do.

Avoiding future problems

Women Google who they date, this is a fact of modern life.

To avoid having to jump around and make sure what they see will be positive you need to be proactive.

Google yourself on a regular basis and take steps to get rid of anything that isn’t good for your reputation online.

You should also make sure you follow these guidelines to keep your online footprint “clean.”

  • Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother or boss to see.
  • Don’t “trash talk” online ever
  • Don’t repost pictures you wouldn’t leave on your open laptop in a kindergarten class
  • Don’t let yourself post when under the influence
  • Don’t get involved with trolls or flame wars