Singles Net (Now Online Matchmaking Review 2014

Singles Net is no more, but that doesn’t mean that it has gone away.

It was acquired by and all previous profiles and accounts were rolled over into the universe.

Singles Net

First Impressions

The archived screen shots of Singles Net show a well put together site with a fair amount of features.

It had a trial basis offer and the ability to do some limited browsing without a paid account.

A lot of the images on the site were stock images, but the profiles were almost 90% real.

How does it compare in the real world?

There are two answers to this question.

As Singles Net, the statistics were favorable.

It was a US demographic that ranked in the high 200,000s globally and scored a respectable 45,000 range in the US rankings.

The majority of its users were female, educated and in their mid 20s to 30s.

They did so well in their retention of members and had such an active community that they were acquired by in 2013.

Singles Net is no more, it is now part of is ranked 502 globally (a 60 point drop in the past year) is 141 in the US.

It is most popular in the US, UK and Canada.

The average user spends almost 10 minutes a day on the site, accessing it from a school location.

The membership activity is steadily falling off and it remains geared solely toward heterosexual relationships. remains one of the biggest and most popular dating sites, but its popularity is steadily falling off – not leveling off, but dropping.

That said, they still have more active users in their demographic than most.

Features uses a personality profile system that they developed that is much like the traditional approach to matchmaking.

Scientifically, it is a hybrid of a few of the better known psychological assessment questionnaires.

  • You can opt in for more advanced features like MindFindBind that costs $8/month and promises to walk you through the maze of online dating and offline meeting.
  • No forum, chat or video chat features.
  • You cannot openly browse member profiles
  • You can opt to search by keywords (for a fee).
  • There are also various extended features that allow you to search for more options, hide your profile from visitor lists and see who visited you. is not a very engaging experience.

After you fill out their extensive questionnaire you basically are shoved into a passive role.

Match will tell you who you should contact.

You cannot browse the profiles and there are no chat rooms or forums where you might get caught off guard by a sudden spark.

Price and membership

Good luck trying to find out what you will actually pay to be a part of

They won’t give out the charges until you already have your credit card information in place.

There is a rumor that the average cost is about $29.99, but given that its closest competitor is so much more expensive – that is hard to believe.

There are the standard discounts for signing up for extended monthly plans.

One plus side is that Match does not lump sum bill the months but takes out the monthly payment for the duration of the subscription.

The renewal is automatic and there is no real courtesy notice about it given.

Cancellation policies are clearly spelled out in the terms and conditions.


Singles Net did so well that snapped it up.

While this is great for Singles Net, it means that now you have to pay into the world in order to use their matchmaking system. has become one of the biggest dating sites because it basically jettisoned the online dating system and reverted back to old school matchmaking.

Within their “proprietary” personality profile, you are really paying for a machine to make a determination on who will best suit you based upon some quasi-scientific questions.

That said, does have a good track record – but not for everyone that joins.

Remember that when a site has millions of members, and over 50,000 a year find relationships – that is really a small ratio and doesn’t tell you if they last.