7 Reasons Women Like To Go For Jerks On Online Dating Sites

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Ever wonder the reasons why women like to go for jerks on online dating sites? It might be because they only look like jerks to you.

The Jerk isn’t smiling

In all the pictures that the Jerk has online, he isn’t smiling. He is probably even showing off on the side of a cliff somewhere, clad only in a pair of shorts; or maybe he is lounging in the sand in front of some sunset you know only happens in faraway and expensive places. So why do women go for the Jerk online who posts pictures like this? It isn’t because the Jerk is so hot or implying that he is loaded, it’s because:

  • He isn’t smiling in his pictures. Women “read” pictures of smiling men as untrustworthy.
  • He is showing his full body – not in a sexy way, but in a way that lets a woman get a sense of his real proportions and how he holds himself.
  • In all his vacation pictures, he is alone – not with a friend, an unnamed woman, or worst of all – an animal or child. That he is alone lets the woman project herself into the picture.
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The Jerk talks about who he is and what he wants

He is confident in saying who he is and what he wants – in other words, he isn’t trying to appeal to every woman – just the woman that is going is going to appeal to him. This is the kind of strength and confidence that is very attractive. He isn’t boasting or demanding or controlling – it’s just a statement of knowing yourself.

The Jerk will say clearly what turns him off

Like Reason #2, the Jerk isn’t trying to win points with everyone and is willing to close some doors to try and help him find what he wants. The women he ticks off with his list of “thanks, but no thanks,” aren’t who he is looking for anyway. This scores another point in the confidence category, and scores a new point in the independence one.

The Jerk isn’t afraid to list his accomplishments

Accomplishments aren’t something to hide, and listing them matter-of-factly can do a lot to let someone know about your priorities and what you have been doing in your life. Can it be carried too far? Yes, it can. There is a difference between bragging and being rightly proud of what you have done, it is a part of who you are.

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The Jerk will talk about the good things in his life

The Jerk sounds positive. This is a huge draw for women. Everyone has problems but usually you try not to show them to people until you have gotten to know them a bit.

The Jerk has the attitude of “take it or leave it, it’ll be your loss”

This is the real thing that kills guys when they see women going for the jerks on online dating site. The guy has this obnoxious “take it or leave it, it’ll be your loss.” Women aren’t falling for the bad boy here, it is far more complex. In all the rest of the profile he has been confident, independent and accomplished. That attitude leaves a small door open for him changing or becoming more open to new things with the right person.

The Jerk tends to actually send a message, not just worry about it

Lastly, that overconfident, bragging  Jerk that women go for on online dating sites is probably confident enough to send her a message without spending too much time worrying about it – or making it one big apology for existing.

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