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People have become busier with activities in their lives and so these days it is quite hard to meet a person to date whether casually or seriously – the traditional way. People barely have time to meet over coffee or a proper meal, and so sites like Adult Friend Finder have become quite popular. You can find lots of AdultFriendFinder reviews on Reddit and some on Quora. Most of them are positive and some are negative.

Adult Friend Finder

A Brief Outlook of Adult Friend Finder

The site, Adult Friend Finder, is dedicated to linking people up with partners for nothing but sexual encounters. Started in 1996, this site has been the flagship website after which others have followed. It has a large database of those looking for casual sexual hookups and those offering their services – both online and in person. One of the reasons this site has stood even after the newer technology has come into the scene is the amount of unfiltered material on the site.

This sexual oasis for people looking for sexual gratification is open to all – singles, those in open relationships, those with fetishes and imaginations that they wanted to gratify, and basically everyone seeking some casual hookup. It contains lots of videos, unfiltered photos, adult chat rooms, and live webcams for online hookups. The site is no different from a dating site, with the only difference being the available tools for making it much livelier for sexual hookups. It also differs from a dating site in that the tools available are for mostly enabling people be more interactive and sexually active with each other.

The personal blog on the site is pretty sexual unfiltered advice on how to please your partner. There is more… a course-by-course sex academy. In more ways than one, Adult Friend Finder combines the qualities of a dating site with those of a porn site. Sexual content and material on the site is available to all that sign up for membership.

Adult Friend Finder in 2001
What Adult Friend Finder looked like in 2001

Operations of Adult Friend Finder

The site operates on a points basis – where members use points to make the whole experience playful and in a pleasure-like manner. The points, earned by participation in site activities or paid for through your credit card – are the main currency of Adult Friend Finder. When you accumulate your points, you will use them to tip your preferred friend, member updates, their photos and videos. You will also need these points to watch naughty videos, access certain restricted areas of the site, and also to pay for a monthly membership.

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Members act as they want. They can be as active as they please or simply, lay back and watch the activity unfold. They can simply log in to browse the site and save videos of their favorites or get extremely active through the Connexion feature that allows members to have virtual sex. Here, you can sext your connection and even pleasure yourselves through available video options or high-tech paired sex toys. If you are a non-paying member, then you have limited access to the site’s features.

You cannot for example, initiate contact with other members, but you can fill the 12-page document for membership in your most creative way, including high-quality photos, to make it easy for others to connect with you and find you/ paying members can initiate conversation and so, with a killer profile, you can sail through as a free member for long.

Becoming a member has its perks, especially if you will be spending reasonable time on the site. You will be allowed to text other members for free and even access their photos, but some videos you can only access with extra payment as they have a pay-wall. The features on Adult Friend Finder (AFF) – and the number of users – makes it extremely hard to get bored when using the site. There are too many activities and it is easy to find new friends to connect with regularly. Those who pay for membership are especially advantaged as they find a host of things to do on site with the extended privileges, as well as uninterrupted hookups whether online or live in person.

You can find all sorts of fun in your profile menu

Adult Friend Finder Membership Requirements and Monthly Traffic

AFF attracts a massive 25 million visits per month, during which those visitors spend as many as 10 minutes per visit. On average, visitors will also check 19 pages on average. Most of the traffic comes from the US – 54% – while the UK and Canada follow in popularity. As for rankings, AFF is not doing badly at all. In the US, it is ranked 42 among all adult sites and 713 worldwide among all sites including porn sites. Even though the site has had tremendous success over time, the management still makes efforts to improve the features and perfect its services by embracing new technology. No sexual preference is too crazy on AFF and as a result, those signed up find it really easy to meet new people for whatever intention. The site is non-judgmental, making casual hookups easy as well as in-person meet-ups wherever AFF users are in the world.

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Signing up to Adult Friend Finder

The process takes a minute or less. A new user is prompted to choose their gender orientation from a drop-down menu at the start – Options: Man, Woman, Group, Couple, Couple, TS/TV/TG and other sexual orientations. You are then to select the sexual orientation of the people you want to meet and you are allowed to select as many options as possible. Country, birthday, and zip code are up next and you are done with registration. You are then asked to write a brief introduction –10 words – and then asked to enter an email address, username and preferred password, which you will of course use whenever logging in to the site.


Finding Link-ups

The site uses the information provided to set you up with likely matches. You have the Who’s Online, Members, Near Me, New Matches, and VIPs to choose from and to get you started right away. On the homepage, you also get information on email, video chats, messaging, and using the live webcam available on the site. As a new member, you also get oriented on the site’s features. You also get information on other members’ accounts including photos and videos.

The live stream feature gives attention to a member’s profile when it trends and generates lots of attention. When a member’s profile is live-streamed, others get to interact by texting, tipping, and even sending them points or reaching out to them to see whether you would like to link up with them or get to know them better. When searching for new friends to hook up with, you can search by category, e.g. depending on kink, the hottest, videos, and photos. Unless you change your settings, the site is pretty visual and so what you get are raunchy videos and photos with live models enticing you to start live chats to get into the chat rooms.

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Security for Users

The site is safe for user through encryption that ensures user information is safe and not corruptible. You can give as much or as little information as you wish as the site encourages expression. Members can write their thoughts on the blog and express themselves as much as possible. Names are hidden or not depending on a member’s preference.

Adult Friend Finder Awards and Recognition

AFF has been awarded for outstanding service. In 2010, it was awarded for being the Dating Program of the Year in the XBIZ Award. It was also’s Best Adult Dating Site in 2012 and the 2015 Best Dating Company as awarded by YNOT. As recent as 2016, the site won GFY award for being the Best Dating Company of the year. AFF’s main competition is iMatch, Passion, iHookUp, and GetItOn.

  • A large loyal member base with lots of photos and videos.
  • Lots of features for more interaction.
  • Webcams, a blog and lots of features for self-expression.
  • The matching system is not data-driven and so it could be inaccurate.
  • There are other costs not covered by membership fee e.g. sex academy courses.
  • No male to female ratio.

Adult Friend Finder

AFF has been working well for years and it seems to be doing well. New technology and new ideas are always being introduced and so members – new and regular – can keep expecting changes that will make the service even more fun!

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