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The dating scene has rapidly evolved from physically meeting people to using online sites. There is a wide range of free dating apps that you can use to find a partner.

While they have their challenges, for example exposing you to risk due to loss of privacy, some people have had great success using dating apps. We will review some of the free hookup apps and highlight the good and bad aspects.

1. Tinder


Tinder is very easy-to-use and allows you to swipe either left or right to pass or like someone. Profiles on the site are minimal using mainly the profile picture and a brief bio. You can connect your social media accounts if you desire. Tinder also has an advanced swipe feature, for example, you can boost your swipe so that you super like someone or reverse your swipe and go back to a profile you accidentally passed upon. You will only be able to communicate with each other once you both like each other. The site allows you to see people within your vicinity and so you can hook up on the same day due to proximity.

  • Meeting people is easy because you get to know about them from the bios.
  • It is a basis for great relationships
  • It features a user-friendly interface
  • Registration to the site is very quick
  • It matches people with those around their vicinity making it easy for people to meet.
  • They have a huge database.
  • It doesn’t give too much information and so you may not click with some people.
  • You can meet people with weird characters.
  • There are more options for men than women.


2. Blendr


The Blendr app allows people to meet and set up dates. With over 180 million users worldwide, you cannot miss someone to hook up with. The best thing about this hookup app is that you can break the ice before physically meeting. The app is free to download, however, if you want more features you may need to purchase credit and superpowers. When setting up your profile, you need to have a photo of yourself, be specific about the kind of relationship you’re looking for, specify the age range and gender you wish to meet.

  • It has a fun and easy to use interface
  • You can meet people within your vicinity
  • It is free to use and registration is easy
  • You have to purchase the greater features
  • Uses the location service on your phone thus less privacy
  • May not be very accurate when doing compatibility matches


3. Bumble


Bumble shares a lot of features with Tinder, the only difference being that women initiate conversations, this is a great feature because it gives women more control over the kind of people they talk to. Just like Tinder, it uses the swipe motion to either like someone or pass. Due to the fact that it is the women who initiate conversations, the app has a low level of harassment and bullying.  Users have to adhere to certain codes of behavior which encourages respectful behavior in the interactions.

  • It allows you to sync your profile in Facebook
  • Women initiate the conversations thereby protecting them from weirdo’s
  • It has a BFF mode which allows people to create friendships and more casual connections.
  • You do not have the option of searching for potential matches.
  • Limited options in the search filters
  • The profile section is very brief making it hard for you to know what kind of person you talking to
  • Men cannot initiate conversations.


4. FlirtBuddies


FlirtBuddies is an adult dating app and targets people who are looking for real relationships. Membership is free and you are allowed to decide what you want people to know about you. The app automatically matches you to a potential partner, but, if it does not meet your expectations you can use the search filters to create your own profile of the person you’d like to meet. If you want better features you can upgrade your membership to either gold or VIP. You also have the option of a 6-month unlimited SMS messaging and profile viewing. The site has strict safety measures, but you also need to take due care not to expose yourself.

  • It has a huge database.
  • Free registration and you decide how much information you want to share
  • It has message boards and SMS servicing.
  • It is an adult site
  • There are many pop-ups on the site
  • No video chat
  • Depending on how you look at it, people on the site are looking for sexual encounters and this may not be to everyone’s liking.
  • it allows you to rate other members and this can lead to harassment and bullying
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5. AffairAlert


AffairAlert caters to those who want to date married people.  The app allows you to explore your fantasies while hidden behind the privacy of the internet. The site is therefore very controversial and it is very important that the user maintains discretion when using the site. Interestingly enough, there seem to be many people who are willing to have an affair but may not have the guts to do it outside of the internet. The website puts into place different mechanisms to establish trust before the couples can meet. It is a very niche dating website and caters to a very specific kind of people.

They protect user data using special software products. Registration is quick but you have to agree on certain things, like, you will not disclose information about other members if you know them, and that you will respect the sexual desires of the other members. You need a unique username and password. The app gives you the option of using age, location and the distance you are willing to travel to find a potential partner. For more in-depth search functions, you need to upgrade your membership. You have the option of using photos and videos which are automatically set to private.

  • It is an adult website that allows you to live out your fantasies.
  • It provides an outlet for people who are not happy in their relationships
  • Some profiles may be fake, and it can be difficult to verify the identity of the people you’re talking to.
  • To get additional features you will need to upgrade your membership
  • Morally upright individuals may find unappealing


6. Nearify


Nearify gives you an easy way of finding out what local events are happening in your area using your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or any android device. It focuses a lot on entertainment events like sports, parties, concerts among others. The app is free to download and easy to use.  The user interface is very interactive and it gives you an opportunity to know what is happening in many cities around the world including Mumbai Bangalore and Toronto. You can also track your favorite artists, get directions to venues and plan things in advance. It has an easy-to-use navigation bar.

  • It has a modern easy-to-use interface
  • It provides an update of the social events happening around you
  • You can book the tickets and get directions through the app
  • It provides information from around the world
  • The app currently doesn’t seem to have any negative reviews


7. Happn


Happn has about 40000 users every day and a database of about 10 million people. Happn Will let you know if you are going to cross paths with someone wherever you are. It will match you with people you have encountered in real life. The app allows you to be specific about the kind of person you want to meet and will send you notifications when such a person signs up. Due to the close proximity of the users, it is a great way to meet your potential partner. Use the privacy settings to keep out people you may not want to engage with.

You can utilize Facebook to build your profile, giving it more authenticity.  You do not have to worry about information from the app appearing on your Facebook feed. You’ll also need to work on a brief bio that highlights your education, age, profession amongst other things. You’ll then need to choose the specifications of the person you’d like to meet. It also has the Charm tool that you can use to let other users know what you liked about them. You can also send voice messages of up to 60 seconds to other members thus allowing you to engage in intimate discussions with whoever you’re talking to.

  • It works on reciprocity and does not allow for spamming or unwanted conversations.
  • Registration is free and the site is easy to use
  • You can link to your other social media networks
  • Clean, easy-to-use interface with quick profile setup
  • Good privacy features
  • Accurate tracking using GPS
  • It utilizes a radius of 800m but will not reveal your exact location.
  • It depends on geo-location and may not be convenient for everyone
  • Carry your power backup source because GPS will drain your battery
  • The search options are basic
  • It is not entirely free for men; they have to buy credits to use the Charm feature.
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8. Eventbrite


Eventbrite is an event management software that is cost-effective and helps businesses organize events and sell tickets online. It also allows people to discover events around them. It provides information on all types of events whether conferences, music festivals and films. You can also use the app to check-in guests at an event. The app is not fully free, companies pay a fee but if your event is free the app will not charge you anything.

  • Easy-to-use app
  • A wealth of information on the events happening including an FAQ section
  • You can book or get your tickets via the app.
  • It has a step-by-step tutorial for setting up events,
  • You can use it to monitor the registration of people to an event.
  • It is a great way of letting the masses know about upcoming events.
  • Even though there is a large amount of information, some of it is old and may not provide factual information.
  • The fee structure is not competitive
  • Some information has to be shared on Facebook which can be tiresome for some people.


9. Down


The app allows you to get quick sexual partners and is also good if you are looking for long term relationships. The app does not only deal with straight couples, but it also caters for the LGBTQ community. It allows for up-and-down swipe functions on your profile, if the person swipes up it means that they would like to go on a date with you, if they swipe down it means they want to sleep with you.

The app does not show strangers in your area, it uses the Facebook friends list to connect with people. You, therefore, need to connect to your Facebook account when signing up to the app. The best part about it is that it has a double and unlimited feature meaning that you’ll only get to know about the other person if they also swipe up or down on your profile.

  • It has a double anonymity feature that protects your privacy
  • You do not have to worry about dealing with strangers because it will not hook you up with them
  • Links to your Facebook account
  • It may not be the best app for people who are looking for serious relationships
  • Those with moral misgivings may not want to try this app.


10. HER


HER is a lesbian dating app that allows you to make friends, go on dates, find nearby events or just talk to other women. Setting up the profile is very easy and minimalistic and it has a clean user interface so you do not have to struggle with getting things done.

  • A great way for lesbians to meet without fear
  • Easy to use and register
  • A large number of potential mates on the site
  • The geolocation is not very accurate
  • You can only view profiles of people you match with.
  • There are many fake profiles
  • There is a daily match limit
  • The swipe function can be frustrating to use
  • you have to log in using Facebook or Instagram


11. Grindr


This is a gay dating app that uses geo-targeting to locate users. It has an easy-to-use interface, although some may argue that it needs updating. You can link them up to your social media accounts which makes it easier for you to really see the person you are communicating with. You can get the Grindr Xtra feature at a monthly cost of $5 which will allow you to see more profile information of the users.

It cuts through the fluff by letting you choose between ‘meeting someone now’ for the casual encounters or ‘looking for someone’ for a more long term relationship. So if all you want is a quick hook-up you have that option available. The site has a large database of up to six million active users.

  • Easy to use and simple registration process
  • Targets the gay community
  • Uses geo-targeting so you know where the person you are talking to actually is
  • The user interface needs updating
  • Instances of cat-fishing because you do not actually know who you’re talking to
  • Does not offer a specific safety feature, you do not even need a photo or an email address to set up an account


12. OkCupid


OkCupid Is suitable for a wide range of dating needs including flings, casual dating, serious dating, amongst others. You need to give as much information about you as possible can by answering some questions, which they use to calculate the compatibility percentages with other potential matches. Identical answers generator high percentage in compatibility. Such users can then like each other and proceed with the social aspects like setting up dates etc.

  • Good matching because users answer a wide range of questions to determine compatibility.
  • The depth of information they collect means you can get to know the person before you meet them.
  • Accessible to both the straight and gay community.
  • Easy-to-use design and free to register
  • Filling out your profile may take some time because of the amount of information they need.
  • You will need to pay to get a better version
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Pros and cons of online hookup apps

You now have our review of some of the top dating apps. However, before you click on and start the registration process, you need to consider what the advantages and disadvantages of using online hookup apps are. Remember, people’s experiences on these apps are very different, while some were able to meet potential mates and actually settle down; others have not had very good experiences.


  • Hook up apps give you wide access to potential mates by helping you to narrow down your options, and so you do not have to waste time meeting a lot of people physically.  The fact that the users specify the age, sexual preferences, physical appearance etc makes it easy to eliminate anyone you’re not interested in.
  • You will have a lot of basic information about the person before you get to meet them.
  • If they’re honest, it’ll give you a chance to meet single people so you do not have to worry about dating a married man or woman, unless of course, that is your preference.
  • The wide database allows you to sieve potential mates.


  • The major disadvantage of hook-up apps is that you do not know who you’re talking to. People can give fake profiles and most of the time you really just depend on good faith.
  • You will not know what someone’s true intentions are.
  • Talking over the internet doesn’t allow you to develop rich relationships. This is because people will only let you know what they want you to know and you do not have the benefit of seeing their non-verbal cues that are a rich source of information
  • Sometimes the reality is far from the profile picture or bio that they use on their websites.
  • These apps can lead to superfluous relationships since you have such a wide pool to choose from, you can drop someone for the slightest reason.
  • Due to a large number of potential mates available, the process can become overwhelming. It is very important that you are very clear about the kind of person you are hoping to meet.

What to consider before using hook-up apps.

Create a great profile.

Use real photographs of yourself and provide clear information.

Do not have too many expectations.

If you are very picky about the kind of person you want, you’ll find yourself spending so much time on the internet and end up with no one. Be open, you may actually find the person you like by not sticking rigidly to certain expectations.

Be active on the sites.

Even if you have not had any luck on the apps, continue to update your profile, continue to use the search engines, and continue to interact with other members. You may not find your perfect match, but you can build great friendships.

Minimize the number of apps you have.

Finding a potential mate online can be time-consuming because you’re spending so much time going through profiles as well as creating your own. You are therefore better off sticking to one site that responds to your needs. Stick to one or two at the most and try and utilize them as best as you can.

Final thoughts on hook-up apps

Gone are the days of sitting at home and waiting for a date or waiting to know which event is happening around your area so that you can attend. You now have the convenience right where you are and can meet thousands of people using your smart device. Choose the hook-up app you like, download it onto your phone or tablet and start the process of meeting people online. Be careful about the information you share so that you keep your privacy and avoid situations of weird people getting access to you.

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