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Feeling like looking for someone to date, hang out with, or hook up with no strings attached? Well, you have many platforms to consider. But apart from Tinder, EliteSingles, Bumble, and Match.com, there is the C-date, an online dating site where you can meet different individuals who may have the same interests as you. It doesn’t promise long-lasting relationships, but it’s for people who like casual hook-ups or lust for a one-night stand. Do you want to know more about C-date? Keep reading and find out if you want to give this a try.

Of course, let’s get started with its profile. C-Date was launched in 2008 and is available in different countries. To date, it has more than 36 million users worldwide. Unfortunately, it is not registered on BBB and Capterra, but SimilarWeb has run through the online dating site and has revealed interesting things about it. For one, it’s traffic source is 60.05% direct traffic, and most of it comes from Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Brazil.

When it comes to its website, C-Date is easy to navigate. To put it into simple words, the site has nothing complicated. The overall design isn’t too loud, having colors that compliment each other. Most of it is in white and different shades of purple. You will also be welcomed by a portrait image of a seductively beautiful woman, ticking that erotic feeling in you. When it comes to the layout, it’s not cluttered. The details are straightforward and readable. And as soon as you register, you’ll directly see your matches and their profile.

If you don’t want to use the website, C-Date has an app, which is available on Google Play and App Store. The app is as user-friendly as the website. It also has the same feels, so you’ll have the same user experience but with more convenience and ease.

Signing Up

Like any other online dating platform, the signing up process on C-Date is easy. Choices are available, but you may encounter several preference questions to complete your profile. Here’s a run-through of the whole process.

  1. On the homepage, select your gender (man or woman) and gender preference (man or woman), then click the “REGISTRATION FOR FREE!” icon. This will direct you to the next page where you’ll need to answer some questions.
  2. What experiences are you looking for? Your choices are Meet Singles, A Discreet Deal, Flirt, Game, To Look At, and Chat. You can select one or all choices.
  3. Who are you most attracted to? Select between Her and Him.
  4. Select COUNTRY and REGION.
  6. Complete YOUR APPEARANCE profile. Body, hair, and eye color.
  7. Fill in your password and email address. Click the box confirming your acceptance of terms and conditions, then click CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. You’ll receive a confirmation email. Click on the confirmation icon to complete your registration.
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Once you confirm your account, you’ll be directed to a new page where you can upload a photo. If you upload a photo and decide not to make it public, your profile picture will be blurred. But also have the option to do it later. After the picture, you need to complete your profile about your self by filling in your profession, education, body decoration, alcohol habits, smoking habits, and username. After that, you are set to check out profiles of the members who have qualified your preferences.

Making Contact

One downside of C-Date is the absence of a search box. You can’t just type a name or a preference detail and give a list of possible prospects. But you can still search for other members in several ways. If you look closely, you already have several lists of matches on your profile’s homepage.

  • My Matches – reveals a list of members who match your preferences. C-Date uses its matchmaking algorithm to provide you with prospects based on your taste.
  • Online Now – shows online members. If you fancy anyone from this list, you can send them messages right away.
  • My Visitors – this is where you’ll the members who have viewed your profile.
  • My Favorites – shows a list of members that you like. You have visited their profiles and clicked the “Add to Favorites” icon below their profile photos.
  • Hello or No – this is above the ONLINE NOW list. It works like a swipe-right-swipe-left feature. C-Date provides a list of 20 matches each day, and you can choose whether you want to say hello or ignore them.

As previously mentioned, female users have PREMIUM  membership by default, which means that they can send messages for free. But male users have to pay for a subscription fee to send messages to members they like.

Quality of Members

Surprisingly, there are many registered members on C-Date. More than 25,000 people register every day, and the total number of members has clocked up to 36 million worldwide. You’ll meet new people every day.

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And in all fairness, most members seem to have legit profiles. Members have posted photos, some are blurred while others are only showing a part of their bodies. If ever you want to see their faces, you will need their permission by sending them a message.

The online dating platform has also updated its security regulations to prevent scammers and cat-phishers from creating fake accounts. C-Date has implemented manual photo verification to authenticate new members.

Real user reviews

Unfortunately, majority of the comments about C-Date is on the negative side. Users have many complaints regarding its legitimacy and cancellation of membership. Most of them say that the online platform is a total scam and a fraud. They have also mentioned the many profiles are fake. In Trustpilot, 94% percent of the reviews or comments is bad. Here are some recent thoughts from C-Date users.

Dwideman Wideman – August 5, 2020

Seems ridiculously hard to cancel. Can’t report dodgy users who I imagine are all fake. Currently waiting to see if the person I thought I’d met on there will continue their blackmail threat. This seems so dodgy, I’m worried the site and the respond ant are linked. If they are they can probably glean enough information to ruin my life. ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY.

Norman Johnes – July 29, 2020

Utter scam and rip-off. They are consummate criminals! They just take money from your card via bogus charges and automatic renewals without your authorization. The sum of money that is charged is always bigger than you expected. The quality of their service is zero: everyone wants to cancel their membership (and everyone struggles to do it) because there are basically no real profiles on C-date. The reply rate is very low and you just keep wasting your time and money.

Privacy and security

C-Date has made sure that its members are safe and secure while meeting new people on the website or app. Every time you access a service, you have to go through access permission. This technical safety measure ensures the protection of all C-Date members. Aside from that, the online dating platform assures your anonymity. It means that you can remain anonymous until you want to disclose more personal information to another member who is interested in you.

The details, which C-Date has asked from you during the registration process, are publicly shown on your profile. Confidential details remain private until you decide to make them public. Uploaded profile photos are automatically in private mode, but you can uncheck the box that allows all women to see your picture. If you’re interested in a member, and you want to show him your photo, you can go to his profile and click the “Show my photo” icon. Men, however, have to pay a subscription fee to see the photos of the ladies.

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Although the registration is free for everybody of legal age, male users, unfortunately, have to pay the subscription fee to access certain services on C-Date. Meanwhile, female users automatically have the Premium membership. The only free services are the following:

  • email notifications
  • receive messages and contact suggestions
  • define your sexual interests

Before giving you the prices, the subscription fee covers the following services:

  • see photos and full access to the erotic gallery
  • send messages
  • update MY FAVORITES with contacts
  • access to unlimited contact proposals
  • access to all female users

There are three types of subscription fees – Start, Classic and Relax. Each subscription differs by duration and prices.

START3 months$46.66$139.98
CLASSIC6 months$24.99$149.94
RELAX12 months (1 year)$19.99$239.88

The payment is done through a credit card. Once you subscribe, you will be billed with the total price of your subscription choice. Unless you decide to cancel your membership, the subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the term. Cancellation is possible if you cancel your subscription, at least, a month before it ends.

Let’s say that you subscribe to a 12-month membership. Your bill will reflect the total fee for 12 months. If you don’t cancel, your subscription for one year will be automatically renewed.

C-Date.com Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly website
  • Availability of app on Google Play and App Store
  • Easy and free registration
  • Free services for female users
  • Chat room
  • Choice of anonymity
  • Discreet partner search
  • Customize photo profiles on your own
  • Safe and secure


  • Too plain and simple website
  • No search bar
  • Expensive subscription fees
  • Fees on to send messages, see photos
  • Too many questions during the registration process
  • May be susceptible to scammers due to anonymity
  • All services not free for male users

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