Dating Sites HQ is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. is a popular dating site that is related to the family tree.

It uses many of the same matchmaking features as its parent, but also contains some twists that make it quite different. The most important difference between and is the ability to choose different relationship statuses and sexual orientation. Where is only geared toward heterosexual relationships, can manage homosexual or heterosexual ones.

This is not a free site, but what it has to offer may very well be worth it. While its overall popularity has fallen off in the past two years, it is consistent with the natural fall in use from when a site is first released to a two year age point. Here is a look at all that has to offer.

First Impressions is a clean looking, well-designed dating site that is user friendly. It is also very popular in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. The Alexa rating for the site is 16,309 globally and 3,880 in the USA. The primary users are women in their 30s, but men are also well represented. visitors have a high daily page rate viewing and spend time on the site reviewing profiles and/or communicating.

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While a member of the group, there are several aspects of that make it stand out from its parent site.

  • It is open to all sexual orientations.
  • The age demographic is younger.
  • The education demographic is higher.
  • The page views and time spent on the site is slightly higher than average.

The site offers a lot of different features and options. Since this is a paid site, all the features are available to all memberships. The memberships are defined only by the length of the contract.

Features is a part of the family so it uses many of the same techniques for personality profiling and matching as are found there. The basis of the matchmaking is to look across profiles for matches in values as well as interests. The system is most effective when you complete as much of your profile as possible. They also use a unique and free personality profile to get you started.

The profile has been featured on many different news shows and will give you a good idea of who is online for you. You can then join with a paid membership to contact someone, or wait for one of the special “free communication weekends” to make your first contact. Overall, users rate the features of highly, especially when it comes to matching profiles.

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Price and membership is a pay for use site. It does offer a free profile matching trial, but you will not be able to contact anyone in your search results without a paid membership. The memberships are offered with a discount for pre-paying several months in advance. The base monthly price is $49.95 and it can decrease to $26.66 a month with a 6-month membership agreement.

The majority of complaints registered against accuse them of unfair charges when most of the time the issue is that the member did not read the terms and conditions. Each of the memberships is set up to automatically repeat and you must notify that you are canceling your payment before the next billing cycle begins. Depending on the timing of your notification, you may be charged for an additional month before the cancellation request is processed through.

Conclusion is not just showing that it has a steady level of activity in membership and usage, but the average amount of daily visits and members using the sight is slowly rising. For most dating sites, one or two years into their existence the membership average falls off, for the site is becoming more popular. While it is a relatively expensive site, it delivers a lot to a diverse population that will increase your chances of meeting someone who is appropriate for you. It is well designed, easy to use, has an active membership and their apps are fully functional on iOS and Android phones. If you have the money and the time to invest in interacting on this site, chances are your efforts will pay off.

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