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Christian Café bills itself as a “comfortable place to meet Christians.”

It has some unique features that other dating sites should consider adopting. It also doesn’t accept profiles from anyone who is identifying as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgendered. This is a paid site meant for heterosexual Christians only.

First Impressions

It’s hip, it’s clean, it’s well organized and one of the first things you will notice about Christian Café is that there is a notable lack of advertising on its pages. Done in muted tones, everything about the design is calming. There is a distinct lack of harshness and false cheer that typifies the normal dating site design. Follow the links during your free trial and you will find some well-written articles about online dating safety and how to improve your profile. The search results are solid and the majority of the profiles are well defined.

How does it compare in the real world?

Christian Café has a global ranking of 77, 689 (falling 6,358 places) in Alexa and ranks 70, 795 out of all the websites in the US.

  • Most popular in the US and Mexico.
  • Demographics is mostly even between men and women.
  • Primarily accessed by home.
  • No college degree for most members.
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One of the interesting things about the statistics on the member activity is that while membership has fallen off, it has also greatly stabilized. There are definitely “seasons” for when the site sees its greatest activity and the newest members. Members on the site do stay and look at profiles for far longer than many other dating sites.


Christian Café offers a lot for the cost of their membership. They have a free trial period of 7 to 10 days which lets you explore the site and you can access many of its features.

  • No advertisement at all
  • Unlimited text, email and messaging from within the site.
  • Discount bonus for every person you refer to the site that becomes a member.
  • Forum access for paid members.
  • Ability to post prayers and prayer requests.
  • Multiple search options.
  • Duplicate profiles are prohibited and removed.
  • Profiles for accounts that have not logged in for 90 days are removed.

Most interestingly, it is this last feature that is the one other sites should become willing to copy. Many sites keep profiles up to inflate their membership numbers even if the owner hasn’t logged in for years. With Christian Café, after 90 days the profile is hidden. You can “unhide” your profile by emailing the site and requesting it be posted again. It is important to note that a hidden profile is still under contract to pay the membership fees.

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Price and membership

You can try Christian Café with a free and no-obligation trial account for about a week. This is another standout about the site, most sites require you to sign up for a “free” account and input billing information that is then automatically charged at the end of the trial. With Christian Café, there is a clear separation between the free and paid membership periods. They offer several different payment tiers, but they are on the higher end of the scale.

The tiers begin with 2 weeks and progress through one month, 3 months, 6 months and a year ($29.95, $39.95, $59.95, $89.95 and $199.95). Many people are willing to sign up and pay these amounts because of the safety of the site and its discreet management that prevents duplicate profiles or the return of banned persons. If you decide to cancel your membership, and then want to come back you just don’t sign up again – you have to email the site to have your account approved.


If having the same beliefs as your partner is what is important to you, then this is the right sight for Christians. There is a lot of care that has been put into the design of the site, and its membership management, which emphasizes safety and security. Christian Café sets an example that other sites should be willing to follow but unfortunately don’t in their drive for numbers and ranking. You will definitely get something out of this site, you had just make sure that you have enough funds to pay the bill.

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