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Christian Crush is a dating site for those who want to find someone who shares the same beliefs and values as they do.

It is an American site and is based out of Alabama. The overall impression of Christian Crush doesn’t really swing one way or the other (to make a pun), it may be what you are looking for – or it may be the wrong place to start. Christian Crush is only for heterosexuals.

First Impressions

On first landing on Christian Crush the immediate impression is that this is a template site. That is not good. Template dating sites suggest that there hasn’t been a lot of thought put into the profile and matching process, the emphasis is on making money for the owners. The site has no direct advertising, but does mention that it advertises on WAY FM. It is basic, no-frills. You are greeted with a pop up to do a basic search and shown some results that you can’t access without a paid account. It should also be noted that the profile pictures displayed on the landing pages are all stock photographs.

How does it compare in the real world?

Well…Christian Crush ranks so low in the world (think 7 million) that Alexa doesn’t register any data for it. A general search reveals that even if you are looking for a Christian dating site, this one isn’t going to show up in your search engine results for pages. However, they advertise on WAY FM, a Christian radio station based out of Huntsville, Alabama which can pretty much define the local that the site is restricted to in appeal.

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In general, Christian dating sites have a limited demographic appeal but tend to have a good balance between genders in the age range of early twenties to early thirties who still live at home. The site has high hopes for itself, which is shown by the option to translate the page into 4 languages on the top bar, but you are not likely to encounter anyone beyond the churches it supports in Huntsville.


The Christian Crush site offers little in the way of features beyond your standard free dating site (except this one you have to pay for).

  • You can search by standard parameters.
  • Paid accounts are allowed unlimited in site messaging and texting.
  • There are no chat or forum features.
  • There are link outs to sites and articles of a limited Christian appeal.

Christian Crush does not have a mobile-specific app, but it does work fairly well on smartphones as it has so few complex features.

Price and membership

One thing that Christian Crush is very detailed about is the cost of membership. They advertise that it is always free to search, but to access any of the profiles for a connection you have to have a paid membership. They also make a point of saying that they are half the price of other dating sites, are working to expand God’s Kingdom by connecting people and tithe 10% to local (unspecified) ministries. The membership rates start at $19.99 for one month, then $29.99 for 3 months and $49.99 for 6 months. They send out courtesy emails to remind you before your account expires.

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For a very limited demographic, Christian Crush may hold some appeal. If you like to combine doing God’s work by supporting an unidentified ministry while using a dating site that offers little in the way of features and has left no significant mark on the Internet world – this may be the right site for you. For the rest of the world, there are free sites that offer (and deliver) so much more while allowing you to search by religious affiliation.

Overall, this site appears as well-intentioned. Well-intentioned towards making its owner’s money for whatever purpose they currently deem fit. While it would be kind to believe that it is going towards a ministry, the emphasis on the radio advertising spot suggests that most of it may be going to support other – less charitable – endeavors. Another drawback is the limited location of the demographic. If you are in Alabama, this may be the perfect way to connect, but beyond that there may be only the sound of crickets.

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