Christian Mingle Review

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Christian Mingle is one of the more popular faith-based dating sites.

It is not a free site, but its rates are reasonable. It has a global following, but it most drawing its members from the US. While the overall impression of users has been favorable, there have been some amazing stories about scams on this site. How can it be the best and worst of the dating world? Here is a closer look.

First Impressions

This is definitely a slick and put together site – not in a bad way. The teaser is the search box that lets you see some of the results of people in your area that could be available to you should you pay to join. One of the notable aspects about the first impression of this site is the heavy use of stock imagery, rather than real profile pictures. This site has bells and whistles galore and their free tour will walk you through all the wonders that are available to you when you join. If anything, the site comes off as professional, fun and a great place to start looking for someone special who shares your faith. The only fly in the ointment comes when you take a moment to read through the prayer wall. To be kind, it suggests that the Christian Mingle company might do well to pay someone to moderate the wall as there are many prayers posted that stop short of being inappropriate or ill-advised.

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How does it compare in the real world?

According to Alexa, Christian Mingle is up there when it comes to rankings. It scores 7,014 globally with a ranking of 1,472 in the US. It has dropped almost 2,500 places in ranking over the past year.

  • Most popular with users in the US and Canada
  • Slightly higher percentage of females to males
  • The average pages per visit and the average page views per visit are high.
  • Most of the members are still engaged in pursuing higher degrees and access the site from a school environment.

While popular, the Alexa tracking system is showing that there is a steady downward trend in how many new users it is attracting, and how many users it is keeping. However, the sheer volume of current members still makes it more active than most of the other dating sites available.


There are a lot of similarities to the structure of Christian Mingle and some of the other large dating sites. The features for the paid accounts are rich, there is a mobile app option that is well planned out and unique to the faith focus of the site is the use of the prayer wall.

  • Chat room
  • Prayer Wall
  • Extensive search options
  • Chat, message and text
  • Quizzes and rating games
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Like most of the faith based sites, there is also a peculiar emphasis on online dating safety. There are many different links to articles and suggestions about how to use the site safely.

Price and membership

One true bonus to being a Christian Mingle member is that the site is fairly priced. While a month to month membership will cost you about $20.99; you can lower that to $14.99 with a 6-month agreement. There are usually complaints about being overcharged that are typically the result of the member not reading and/or following the cancellation procedure. Cancellation is easy and you can do it from within the settings of your profile.


There have been reports of some people being scammed via members of this site, given the effort that Christian Mingle has put in to make a safe environment with accountability and reporting features it would be wrong to fault them. It is important to remember that by using such a demographically targeted dating site it makes it easier for criminals to target you and know the language that will get past your defenses. Christian Mingle is probably the most modern and technologically savvy faith-based site out there. In some instances, this works against the functionality of the site as there are almost too many different options to choose from. It is affordable, used by a high volume of people and despite its slip in the rankings – remains a popular site.

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