Review 2019 is a paid dating site, with a free membership option, that is increasing in popularity among the 40-something set.

It has an extra appeal to women in that age range, although men are very well represented.

Here is a closer look at what this site has to offer.


First Impressions

When you go to their home page you immediately are presented with an option to  profile pictures in your area.

There is no requirement to sign up, which is good.

When you get your results list back, the pictures are dimmed and you have to work around the new pop up that requires you to sign up for a free account.

In the realm of dating sites, this really isn’t too bad as it does give you kind of a preview.

However, it is a sign that not everything they say up front is going to really be how things work. is one of the higher scoring dating sites on Alexa.

It ranks 58, 117 globally and 23,900 in the USA.

It stands out from others in the Alexa scores because over the past two years it has had a steady pattern of climbing and declining which means that people show up, sign up and most of them stay to keep the site lively.

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There are few complaints against the site, most from people who appear to have not understood the difference between a paid membership and free one.

It has a good reputation, works well on mobile devices and has a very clean and easy to use design.

There is a good balance between paid and free memberships and each tier can communicate with each other easily.


While you can sort of browse before you join, you can’t really look at anything until you register for a free account.

Once you do register, you can look at profiles and build your own, but you can’t contact anyone without a paid membership.

Once you have a paid membership you can chat, message, email, join chat rooms and much more.

The search options are complete and you can search by profile, location and type.

The matching options available include a computer generated match suggestion list, but this is only available to paid members as well.

While they do offer compatibility tests ad quizzes, the majority of the connections are made within the chat room.

Perhaps this is why this site is more popular with women than men.

It allows for a better way to get to know someone without having to give out email addresses or other private contact information.

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There is not an option to suspend or hide your profile.

They also offer –

  • Who viewed your profile lists
  • Blocking
  • Responsive technical support

All in all, the features on this site are good; and all of them work well on the mobile platform as well.

Price and membership

With the monthly price coming in at $24.95 a month, is comparable to many of the other dating sites.

There are no trial periods or promotion codes offered, there are discounts available for paying in advance for 6 or 12 month blocks of membership.

What is unusual about is that while they will take the standard electronic and credit/debit payment options they also will accept mailed payments.

This is just another way that their emphasis on their member’s security and privacy shines through.

Cancellation is easy and you can review the terms and conditions at any time.

They also have a very good reputation for notifying members of any changes to the terms and conditions so as long as you read your email there will be few surprises.

Conclusion caters to women in their 40s without shutting out the men they are interested in.

It is one of the most balanced sites available.

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It emphasizes –

  • Privacy of information
  • Security of payment information
  • Ways to communicate that are more exposed to group settings than private

All of this works together to make this a site that is uniquely attractive to women. This shows in how much time people stay on the site per day.

It has one of the highest per visit page rankings on Alexa.

The steadiness of its growth and loss in members is also an advantage as it means that people are signing up, finding who they are looking for and passing the word onto friends.

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