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There is a problem with and it isn’t what you think it is.

While there have been reports of people being scammed on the site, this site is not only 100% free, but one of the most popular and safest sites around. How can all this be true about the same site? Let’s take a closer look.

First Impressions scores in the top 5,000th percentile of dating websites globally and is ranked 1,321 in the US for all websites on It has one of the lowest bounce rates and the highest per visit page view rates (16 per visit) of any site. Over the past few years, while membership has fallen off some, since 2013 it is showing a very active and steady use pattern – which means real people are showing up and staying to use their dating system.

So why the complaints about scamming? is incredibly popular in the US, and incredibly popular in Nigeria. When you consider that Internet connectivity isn’t as wide spread in Nigeria as in the US, there is a limited amount of people interacting on the site and most of them are scammers. Sad to say, but true!

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For everyone else on the site, it is proving to be a true find in the dating world.

  • It’s 100% free
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple to navigate

This site is designed like a throw-back to the websites from 10 years ago and that is what you really want in a dating site. Without all the tests and videos and forums what you get is an incredibly focused and fast site. You sign up, you create your profile (or not) and you search for people in your area. The site is equally popular with men and women in their late 20s and 30s.

Features keeps its features focused squarely on its task, providing a way for people to connect and hook up in real life. The emphasis here is on casual dating. The search options are solid – age, zip code, sex and a few other tidbits – but not as intense as other dating sites. You can upload multiple pictures, message, chat email and instant message members.

One of the unusual aspects about their search is something that is automated based upon your lists of interests. When you build your profile you are asked to list your interests using a comma between each of the items. When you then run a search, anyone who matches your interest list is going to be placed higher on your list than anyone else. This is the kind of intuitive feature that makes having a more cumbersome search system unnecessary – and it keeps the loading time for the site fast.

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Price and membership is 100% free for real. Not just free to sign up for, but also free to use. There are no advanced features that you have to pay for. The terms and conditions allow you to delete your account easily, but you cannot hide or suspend your account. One of the other things that many people have noted about membership is there is a minimum of email contact from the company too. You will only get email notifications if you have signed up for them. They have a solid help section and a reputation for being responsive to technical issues as well.

Conclusion is a solid dating site for both men and women that is 100% free, easy to use and safe. You do have to exercise normal cautions as there is a percentage of users (small) that may be focused on scams. If you follow good rules of common sense, you are more likely to meet real people in your area that interest you. doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is.

It is not a social media site, it is not a place where you go to chat or make friends – it is where you can go if you are looking for a free dating site where you have a real chance of meeting someone you like. Their choice to make their search matching intuitive works for you, not against you. You cannot go wrong with this free site.

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