Fast Cupid Review

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Fast Cupid is no more. It is now a part of Friend Finder.

If you had an account on Fast Cupid, all you have to do is login in with the same account information to use the Friend Finder system. Friend Finder is one of the fastest growing and largest online dating sites. It has a lot to offer and took on Fast Cupid because it made sense in expanding their reach into the singles community. Here is a closer look at what you can expect to find on Friend Finder.

First Impressions

Friend Finder looks and feels like the real deal. This of course means that you should take the signs for “sign up for free” to mean that using it is going to require a paid account. Their layout is easy to use, well organized and easy to navigate. If you look at the top of the page you will see a serious of tabs – like file folders – that will allow you to go to different sections of the site. The best one to check out is their Friend Finder Online magazine. There is also an option to download the mobile app, but you can wait and get it for free from iTunes or the Google Play store too. Once you sign up and confirm your account you can build a profile and immediately start browsing profiles. Your profile will have to be approved, it is a simple process that is looking for escort ads but isn’t fool proof.

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How does it compare in the real world?

Friend Finder has been around for a while and it has been performing well according to the Alexa statistic reviews. A part of the reason they have been able to sustain their growth (or at least minimize loss of membership) is that they have acquired other functional dating sites such as Fast Cupid. With a seamless process to absorb these members by simply porting over all their account information; Friend Finder maintains a positive traffic wait and user growth rate.

  • Globally, they are ranked 22, 918 with only a 1,305 loss of traffic over the past year.
  • In the US their current rank is 17,084
  • Their strongest demographic is between the US and India with slightly more men represented than women.


Friend Finder is not a free site and part of the reason for this is it keeps the focus on providing its users with a lot of higher class, and useful features than other sites. You can find the following when you join –

  • Blogs that you can post and even send notification of entries to individuals online
  • Network organizations to identify friends and family online
  • Friend Finder Magazine
  • The usual chat, IM and message capabilities
  • Forums
  • A solid reporting system
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Advanced search options are also available, including seeing who visited you, keeping yourself from appearing in visitor lists but the search options will depend on the tier membership that you have chosen.

Price and membership

There are three different levels of membership: basic, silver and gold. Basic is a mere $7.77/m and pretty much allows you to click on profiles with minimum search filters. If you have a technical problem, good luck with getting a response. With the silver membership (approx. $35/m) you will get average technical response and less search options. The higher-priced gold account (approx. $45/m) gives your technical requests a priority in the system and opens up all of your search options. Is having a gold account really that big a deal? Yes and no. It depends if you are willing to wade through not meeting a lot of the right people versus wanting to view more people you might click with. For the small difference in price, it is worth it to go with the gold.


Friend Finder is a solid performing dating site with an emphasis on the 20 to 30 set. If it has one drawback, it is the expense of the accounts on it. However, it more than can make up for that by having such a huge member list, great resources and the ability to function as a backup social media site when you need it.

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