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Think about that. Think about that carefully and then read on for what we found when we took a closer look at First Impressions

When you first land on life seems to get much brighter. It has a clean and well-organized feel, emphasizes a Facebook connection and prominently displays one of the least subtle soft porn images around. All in all, you know you have landed on a site geared towards men, and men that really aren’t that interested in getting to know much about women. There is little on the landing page to even let a woman know that she can sign up for free and have full access. This may be part of the reason why there are so few female profiles on the site.

How does compare in the real world?

Alexa returns the view that this is a dating site that is slowly entering its twilight life phase. User interaction and visitor traffic has been on a steady decline. A closer look at some of the demographics may explain why.

  • Global ranking of 16, 671 (down 7,546)
  • US ranking of 16,869
  • 24 to 1 male to female ratio
  • Majority of the men are over 30, have graduate degrees and access the site from work
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One of the reasons that there may be such a drop-off, and a disproportionate number of men to women is that the term “flirt” as a keyword isn’t really a good idea if you are attracting women. Also, while it would seem to make sense to offer women free memberships, they don’t really need them to locate men. The site is ripe for fake profiles and gold diggers. Features

There really isn’t a lot that is new or exciting going on with this site. While it does have a very modern and mobile design, it isn’t all that friendly. The main feature that is offered with a paid membership is that you actually get to contact someone.

A few of the other highlighted features are –

  • Full profile
  • Extensive search customization
  • Unlimited chat and messaging
  • Photo request notices

Bizarrely, a big deal is made of the feature for the photo request. It is an odd request notification that is done outside of the messaging environment. Generally, on dating sites these photo request come through private messages anyway so to try and rationalize a paid membership by being allowed to do this seems a little strange. Price and membership

If you are male, you must pay to play – or at least to talk to any woman who has a profile on the site. There is a whole range of offerings for you to choose from.

  • 3-day trial $4.98
  • 1 month  $39.99
  • 3 months  $89.97
  • 6 months  $119.94
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Each of the payment tiers are billed as rolling subscriptions. No mention is made of any type of courtesy notice for the upcoming automatic renewals that will happen. If anything, this has led to some complaints about the site. They are the basic “I got charged after I canceled” complaints that usually reflect that a person did not read the terms and conditions completely. Conclusion

This is a man’s dating site. It is designed to appeal to men and it is designed to take money from men. Unfortunately for the site, they forgot that in order to secure the participation of the women that they need to make the site attractive to men – they needed to put some thought into giving them some appealing features. As a result, this site is dying a slow and steady death. It can be fun to join and look around, but at a 24 to 1 ratio, it may not be worth the money to try and actually make contact with a profile that may appeal to you. All in all this is a case of what could have been a stellar idea just going slightly wrong from the beginning for a lack of clear thinking. The best we can say is “better luck next time” to its owners.

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2 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. I have used the UK site, after joining I got about 30 messages all auto generated, I tried the 5 day membership, but found I was billed for premium dating at £22.00. I replied to all messages, not one response.

    I really think this site is a scam

  2. Your site is bs. ALL women want is for you to keep buying coins or they refer you to another site that cost money. How you supposed to meet anyone for real.
    I’m sure it’s good for you but how about us

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