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Girls Date for Free took a simple concept that should have worked – girls can join for free with full access, men have to pay to communicate with the women on the site – and completely botched the job.

Not only is there a growing consumer list of complaints against this site, but activity has all but fallen off.

First Impressions

The landing page at first is somewhat unusual, not so much in the design but in the content. It shows some stock images of some very white people and asks you to select your gender. It also advertises quite prominently that you can date “girls from the US.” It makes sense, on closer inspection when you realize that over half of the male registered (and paying) users are coming from India.

Depending on which gender you click, you are taken to a page where you can create a full account and profile whether you are a man or a woman. You can even browse profiles without paying. If you are male and want to contact a woman, that is when the payment request begins and it is not a cheap one.

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How does it compare in the real world?

Alexa does show a global rank of 214,308 for the site and a ranking of 67,303 in India. Alexa does pinpoint some of the demographic statistics down to men, older than in college and accessing from work. The traffic and usage barely report any activity and there is not enough information to identify where their traffic is originating from. It does have a high bounce rate, which is probably due to the inclusion of a high price keyword such as “date” and “free” in the name. There is a drop in 2014 to zero activity on the graphs.


Girls Date for Free advertises that it will let you quickly find a date, the implication is that this is a quasi-matchmaking site, but there is no profile matching service. Not too much is said about anything long term. There aren’t very many special features to the site, just basic search, chat, IM and email.

  • Profiles cannot be deleted from the site (you are forever active)
  • Email notifications are sent to whatever active email account you registered with the site
  • There is no mobile app.

There is little way to tell what features are available on the site, and which ones are active. At best, the hope of the new user is that you can search members. That you can do, but you better have a paid account first.

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Price and membership

If you are male, then you must pay. It is as simple as that. If you want to use the chat or forums or contact a woman in any way on the site, you must pay.

  • $35/month or $150 for one year for gold membership.
  • $30 for one month
  • $60 for three months

There is no explanation as to what the difference in the memberships is. Just remember that once the trial is over, you can choose not to use the site but your profile will stay active forever to boost their numbers. The lack of explanation about the difference in price ranges and what features it unlocks isn’t unusual, but it is rare that it is so blatantly listed in this manner.


Girls Date for Free does not have a bad reputation; it just doesn’t have much of a reputation at all. The sudden lack of traffic activity makes you wonder if the site is even really active anymore, although you can still sign up for a paid membership. They do get points for having the intelligence to make disabling or deleting your account something that you can’t control. This pumps up their membership numbers and allows them to at least register a score with Alexa. This site is definitely one to stay away from, unless you have a desire to throw money away. The blatant pandering to try and entice men to spend money is not the best sign of a reputable dating site. Many of the online comments focused on how amazing it was that all these women seemed to live locally, when in truth, none of them were even on the same continent.

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