7 Ways on How to Avoid Being Creepy With a Girl

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Unless you like being known as “the creepy guy,” there are some things you really need to avoid putting in your profile.

Writing a profile is getting to be more and more of an art form. If you want to get messages, then here are 7 things to avoid in your profile unless you like being known as “the creepy guy.”

1. It’s creepy to mention specific sexual acts

This should be obvious, but unless you are on “that kind of site,” just don’t mention sex at all. Everyone knows it is a part of adult life and relationships, but don’t come off as having some fetish about something that over-rides the rest of your personality.

2. It’s creepy to mention really specific clothing items

This is related to #1, but talking too specifically about clothing – especially items that you find attractive when other people wear them is just plain creepy. It begins to bring up old “Criminal Minds” episodes and you don’t want to do that. It is okay to mention things generically, like preferring a gangster-style or a more classic look – just don’t start calling out items.

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3. It’s creepy to talk about your childhood

Even just to mention that it was good – don’t do it. There is no reason an adult would mention their childhood in their online dating profile unless there was some kind of issues there.

4. It’s creepy to mention death

Death is not something you want to bring up before a first date, much less a first message. Don’t talk about loss that you have had (that can open the door to the codependents), and don’t talk about your beliefs in the afterlife – save that for later.

5. It’s creepy to talk about spiritual/religious experiences

It is sad to say but you want to avoid this in your profile if you don’t want to be known as “the creepy guy.” Even if you are on a site that is meant for a specific religion – then you all share it – those experiences should be more personal. To put them out in front suggests an emphasis on YOUR experience that really negates anyone else’s.

6. It’s creepy to talk about zombies.

They were very popular, and now they are old hat. Don’t go on and on about zombies. Even worse is posting pictures of you in your zombie makeup. Remember that profiles are about first impressions. You want to save that one for later, it shouldn’t be up there as the most important thing in your life – even if you are a make-up artist.

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7. It’s creepy to talk about weapons.

It is also creepy to post pictures of yourself with weapons. No matter what your beliefs about them, this is not the day and age to post pictures of yourself with assault rifles on a dating site. It is OK to mention in passing that you shoot or own weapons, but make it just another small part of all of your interest in life.

Minding the creep-o-meter

If you really want to avoid things in your profile that will get you known as “the creepy guy,” have a friend who is in the same age group as who you are trying to attract read your profile and give you feedback. They will know your social crowd and what is and is not creepy to them. This can help you spot things that you should take out before all you hear in your inbox are the crickets of loneliness.

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