10 Signs on How to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You

How to Know if a Girl Doesn't Like You

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You can pretty well tell if someone is into you or not, but here are 10 signs she’s just not that into you.

If you recognize them, move on gracefully and keep your integrity and pride in one piece.

1. She doesn’t smile

Body language is a huge indicator as to whether or not she is into you. Some of it is not that complicated, such as smiling. She is just not that into you if she never smiles when she is with you, or when she first sees you.

2. She is always late

People are late to the places they either don’t want to go, or don’t place that highly in their priorities. It isn’t a cute habit; it’s a really passive-aggressive way to say she’s not that into you.

3. She keeps checking the time

If she keeps checking the time chances are she doesn’t have much time for you. You are not registering high on her list of priorities and she is broadcasting this to you.

4. She texts or makes phone calls when she is with you

If she is willing to interrupt your own private world with her by talking to the rest of the world, guess what? She doesn’t want that private world with you. There is one exception to this sign, which is if she has kids. Texts and phone calls from them are to be an expected thing no matter what you are doing.

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5. She shows up with friends

If you have a romantic date with her and she brings along a friend, or if every time you want to get together she suggests a group activity, this is a sign she is just not that into you. During the first few dates, wanting to play it safe and stay in a crowd is normal – but after the first few dates this is still what is going on than she doesn’t want to be alone with you.

6. She is distracted or doing other things when with you

If you show up and she is there working on things, or talking to someone, or seems distracted – and she doesn’t make an effort to wrap things up and focus on you then she isn’t that into you either.

7. She cancels every date or call

If she keeps saying “yes” to dates or call times, and there is always a reason why she cancels, then she just isn’t comfortable saying “no.” She doesn’t know how to cut you free and that is on her, but you need to pick up the signal.

8. She blocks you

This one is simple, but a lot of guys miss it. If she blocks you or unfriends you online, don’t send her a message asking why. You don’t need to know why. You just need to move on.

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9. She is always too busy to talk

If every time you manage to get a hold of her – online, in chat, on the phone, or in person – and she has to stop talking quickly because she is too busy then she is not that into you. She also isn’t capable of direct communication either, and you don’t want to mess with that.

10. She doesn’t respond at all

OK, this has to be mentioned because dreams can take a long time to die.

If you keep –

  • sending her messages
  • leaving her voicemails
  • texting
  • ringing her doorbell

– and there is no response then this is a sign that she is just not that into you. Move on or you might get accused of stalking.

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