7 Rules on How to Practice Safe Sexting

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Sexting is becoming more of the norm these days, often with people you meet online but don’t know in person.

So how do you do it? And how do you do it so neither of you winds up getting into some kind of trouble? There are sexting rules that will show you the do’s and don’ts of sexting with someone you meet online that will work to make sure you have a hot time, but don’t get into hot water.

The first thing you should know

Sexting happens all the time, and across all age groups. The way people used to have phone sex or send racy emails they know sext. It is also becoming more and more common between people who don’t even know each other. You can thank sites like ChatRoulette for opening up the door to encounters like this. Sexting takes it all a step closer to reality though – as you are usually going to be using your personal mobile phone.

Keeping it safe without taking out the thrill

safe sexting image
Safe sexting image

Here are a few of the basic sexting rules you should follow that will help you enjoy your electronic encounter with someone you only know from online –

  1. Do – make sure that you come up with nicknames for each other. You always want to avoid using real names, or any other identifying words just to be on the safe side.
  2. Don’t – send any pictures that include your face or identifying tattoos or elements either. You want to make sure that if anyone else sees the pictures by accident that they can’t tell who you are, or where you are in the picture.
  3. Do– make sure that you use emoticons to show when you are being serious, making a joke or teasing. You may make fun of the little smiley faces, and they may be inappropriate in professional communications but they are necessary when sexting so your partner really knows what you mean. It will go miles to preventing miscommunication.
  4. Don’t – save any texts or pics from your sexting.
  5. Don’t – assume that an app that promises to wipe away pics and text from your sexting is doing that. Too many phones, and too many apps, have backdoors that can be exploited.
  6. Do – come up with a phrase or code word between you and your partner that lets you each know when you have to stop texting.
  7. Don’t – get involved with sexting people you do not know, or who haven’t directly agreed to it in the first place. Just don’t, and you will avoid a world of potential trouble.
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The Ultimate Sexting Rule

If you really want to make sure that you can have a hot time, and not get into trouble then you want to skip the cell phone and use IM or chat messaging for all of your contacts. This helps to keep the person once removed from your real life, and lessens the risk of your hobby being discovered.

What about sexting rules between two people who meet online and will never meet in person?

The same rules of sexting apply as are listed above, but there is one more that should be thrown in. When you sext with a stranger it is easy to build an image and impression of them that isn’t based in reality – it’s based in what you (or the other person) want to be real. Don’t ever think you are making a “real connection” if all you have is sexting. If you think there is more there, put the work into it to find out.

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