7 Ways on How to Prepare for a First Date

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If you are finally getting ready to meet the person you have been talking to online then you need these 7 tips for a flawless first date.

Online dating to real life dating tactics are easily explained, these 7 tips apply when you are first talking online, and then you have to use them again when you finally meet. The basic rule of thumb is to put your best foot forward by being presentable, engaging and interesting.

  • Remember to listen.
  • Remember to laugh.
  • Be relaxed and attentive.
  • Be willing to let things be said without having to know every last detail.

Don’t try to get all the answers, or to say everything, during the first date. This is all about getting to know each other, and that should be given all the time it needs.

1. Clean yourself up

Not just your hygiene, but your language and humor too. You don’t have to become prim and proper, but you do have to show that you can be respectful. That means making an effort to dress for the date and the place that is appropriate. Watch profanities and off-color remarks; wait to bring that out until you know the person better.

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2. Be on your best behavior

Being on your best behavior doesn’t mean not being yourself, but it does mean recognizing that there is a lot you don’t know about the person. You may like the same movies and music, but you may be getting something entirely different out of them. Mind the humor you use as well, sarcasm has no place if you want a flawless first date.

3. Don’t show pictures

This one can be hard, but of all the tips for a flawless first date it is one of the most important of the real life dating tactics explained. Don’t whip out your cell phone and start showing pictures of your trip, or your dog. As soon as you do that you have taken one giant step away from the person – stay in the moment and stay with them.

4. Ask questions and listen

Ask questions. Not just questions you want to know about that you thought of in advance, but ask questions based on what you have listened to them say. This is the key tactic to real life dating, by asking questions about what they are saying you are showing your interest – and that you are listening.

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5. Learn the 3 for 1 rule

If you want a flawless first date then learn this real life dating tactic. Make sure that you never speak for more than three sentences before asking a question. As you get more comfortable, you can change that to talking for 3 minutes. No one on a first date should ever talk more than 3 minutes at a time.

6. Pick a place that is neutral

A flawless first date isn’t flawless because it is perfect and impressive, it is flawless because the surroundings disappear and the two of you can concentrate on getting to know each other. Pick a place that is comfortable, shows effort, but doesn’t have a lot of distractions.

7. Don’t talk about exes or family

The last of the 7 tips for a flawless first date is one of the dating tactics that everyone should learn, and extend beyond the first date. Don’t talk about exes and families. Family talk is OK just to establish the basics, but you want to keep the focus solidly on the two of you together.

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