How About We Review

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How About We promises to be a very different kind of dating site.

It is still considered a new site but it is rapidly growing in members and glowing reviews. One of the reasons that it is so different is it switches up the usual profile search approach and allows you to suggest ideas for dates. People then look through the date ideas, find one that they would enjoy and then contact you. This is unusual in the online dating world because the meeting is based in action, not in a passive reading of a profile.

First Impressions

How About We immediately looks like a fun site to use. It is like the hybrid child of Facebook, MeetUp and a decent dating site. It is image heavy and that is a good thing as most of the images feel real and they don’t rely too heavily on stock imagery. One of even nicer things is this is a slider site – that means it is responsive and will work well on almost any device that is accessing it. It allows you to sign in using your Facebook login, which is another plus for the social media crown.

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All in all, the navigation is clear, the site is fast and there is a certain surety when you see a dating site that someone has taken great care with planning and implementing.

How does it compare in the real world?

How About We is one of the few dating sites where the hype is supported by the reality. Alexa reports are favorable that this is a lively site that is continuing to grow.

  • The primary demographic is late 20s to mid-thirties
  • Women are slightly more represented than men
  • Most users access the site from their place of work
  • Global ranking rose 1,635 to 12,194 in the past year
  • Ranked 2,779 in the US

The nest country that has any noticeable involvement with How About We is India. The stats for the traffic and usage of this site are still trending upwards, but in a slow and sustainable way.


How About We offers the usual sign up for free deal and get a chance to poke around, but you won’t be able to do anything until you have a paid membership.

Choosing to join and pay can bring you a lot of advantages including –

  • Post a date idea
  • Search by profiles or date ideas
  • Extended search filters and options
  • Save searches
  • IM, chat and forums
  • Video messages
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There paid memberships let you access all of the features on the site. There are no extra hidden charges. How About We also has an excellent mobile app that works on the iOS and Android systems. It is fully featured as well, but has certain concession to mobile devices such as not allowing for video activity.

Price and membership

One of the most surprising things about How About We is that their paid memberships rank as one of the most affordable around. In part this explains the separation of the demographic from the typical 20 something group that stays with the free sites mostly.

The cost for membership to How About We breaks down as:

  • 1 Month for $21.99
  • 3 Months @ $12.99 per month
  • 6 Months @ $9.99 per month
  • 12 Months @ $7.99


How About We comes up a great big winner in the online dating game. If nothing else, for a small amount you get to see a totally different approach to the dating game. It is still very new so there are many different ways that it can grow and go. The demographic is very limited at this point – mostly American and mostly women in their mid-30s but this is a demographic that forms a strong loyalty with brands. You can expect that as they age, so will How About We change to be able to offer more features and entry points that will keep accommodating their needs. The price of this paid site is affordable and there are few consumer complaints registered against the site. All in all, it is a site that is worth exploring – if only for a paid month, to see what it can bring to your life.

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