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Love Access does rank in the Alexa system as having some noticeable traffic, but on a closer examination of what Alexa is reporting, it becomes apparent that the traffic is based on keyword trapping and not real activity.

They should get points for being able to afford to register the domain name, “Love” and “access” are two of the highest costing keywords around. It doesn’t say much about the intent of the company that their money has gone to the name.

First Impressions

You could almost use Love Access as a mockup for advertising an eCommerce platform to allow you to start your own dating site. Everything is created with that template feel, full of stock photos and while their profile photos aren’t stock – they definitely aren’t real either. If you scan the page quickly you will notice that a surprising number of their members seem to have spontaneously chosen to pose in the same way for their pictures.

How does it compare in the real world?

Alexa doesn’t return any real data at all on this site. It gives it a generic rating of over 4million globally and can’t even detect what countries use it the most. It does show that there is some minimal activity searching for the site by keyword, which means that there is probably an AdSense campaign being run somewhere. It registers a global ranking of 491,107, which is actually an increase of 9,034 and has a US ranking of 108, 753. Given that there is no other information reported, except for where traffic came from, the fact that this site is using a keyword trap to gain traffic is painfully obvious.

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Just like any good and basic eCommerce dating bundle, Love Access offers all the standard features that will allow you to –

  • Build a profile
  • Send messages and IM if you have a paid account
  • Do custom searches
  • View your visitor’s list
  • Search by keyword (once you are a paid member)

The whole idea behind the eCommerce template bundles is that you take software and features and then customize how they are put together to create something unique. Somehow, it would appear that the owners of this site either skipped that part of the instructions, or they just plain don’t care. It is surprising that they even went through the effort to pick a new name.

Price and membership

In order to even contact anyone you have to have a paid membership. The prices start at $29.95 per month. You can get a cheaper per month cost by agreeing to memberships for a longer period of time. The longest membership they offer is 6 months, which will bring your charge down to $9.95 a month. Billing is automatic and the process to cancel is not that clear. There have been quite a few complaints about overcharges registered on many of the consumer advocacy sites about their billing practices.


There isn’t much to really say that is going to give you a reason to join Love Access. What little information is available on the site tends to lead one to believe this is just another template site that is looking to cash in on the online dating craze. All of the positive reports on the site come from suspect review sites and the user testimonials are more laughable than believable. If you have been around the online dating site scene enough you can fairly well spot a cover for an escort site, but Love Access doesn’t even provide that. Which must be disappointing to most of the traffic it does receive as the name would imply this would be a gold mine of pay for play company.

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If there is any reason for you to join at all it would to be to get one of the best bargain prices on a 6-month membership for a dating price. That you can truly brag on for a $9.95 a month charge is unheard of. Just don’t also tell them what site and what your nine dollars lets you do on it or you will find yourself deeply embarrassed. Rare to say this directly, but go ahead and shut the door on Love Access!

2 thoughts on “Love Access Review”

  1. I’m a lifetime member from when they were a legitimate website and gave the memberships away for $40 well over a decade ago. Every now and then I jump on to see if anything has changed. It hasn’t… In over a decade. It’s sad because their model was solid, the site itself had promise until they remade it with flash. I met a lot of cool people, have some interesting stories, and a lot of fun experiences because of that website. It’s been toast longer than the toast sitting under your couch.

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