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Love2meet advertises itself as one of the most popular ways for singles to meet in and around London and the UK.

Which is good, because that seems to be the only country that is interested in the site, and not by much if the real statistics are to be believed. One of the issues is that Love2Meet comes from the infamous White Global group, which has brought to the UK some of its greatest dating scams. Here is what we found out when we took a closer look at the reality of dating on Love2meet.

First Impressions

The site looks good. It is clean and modern and looks like it would work on any device. There are testimonials, there is even a changing gallery of profile pictures of who just joined and the terms and conditions are easily found. What is not to love? Sign up for a free account, or their special introductory offer for a year and you could be on your way to finding someone real to have in your life. A quick look at the profiles shows that this site is popular with the 20-somethings that are serious about finding someone.

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It has an Alexa rating of 255,881 globally and 13, 147 in the UK. In both areas its ranking has just gotten better over the past year. However, first impressions aren’t always what they appear. Overall traffic to Love2meet has fallen off dramatically since 2013. A large part of that may stem from the increasing complaints that have been registered with consumer agencies, and the users have videoed and posted to social media sites.

There are five main complaints-

  1. The basic membership fee is just a teaser to get you to pay more
  2. The site is geared towards men
  3. The female profiles are fake.
  4. The company is unresponsive to any complaints or requests for assistance.
  5. The parent company has been associated with dating scams before.

None of those complaints are things that should be taken lightly. The company has been unresponsive to any requests for information or comment on consumer complaints. There has been a small change on the site to de-emphasize the wording about “free” and a new introductory membership price.


The features on Love2meet are nothing to get excited about. You can see basic profiles and perform simple searches without the membership fee, but you need to pay to be able to communicate with anyone. The search options are very complete and you can be very specific. The site looks very good on the surface, but there really isn’t anything new and earth-shaking offered in its features. If anything, the thing that stands in its way the most is the site is not well maintained. There are broken links and 404 pages throughout the entire site.

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Price and membership

Pricing and membership for this site was a step 29.95 with a lock-in period of 6 months. The company has recently issued an introductory offer of a membership for $12.95 a month for the length of one year; however the fee is required upfront. They have also stopped advertising a free signup, as many of the complaints interpreted that as an option for a free account as well. There are also additional charges to access more features like seeing who viewed your profile, increasing your profile display rank and hiding yourself from others profile viewing records.


Love2meet has a little to offer, it even has 404 error pages that pop up when trying to use the site. There are more and more complaints being posted about people being scammed on the site which is a concern. More concerning is that the company’s response to these complaints has been to lower their monthly fee, but make it an annual contract. One of the reasons you may want to reconsider joining this site is that it can target you for scamming – by the site or by the users. Given that the owners have a history of being unresponsive to communications from their members, it would be easy to be taken advantage of or abused on this site with no recourse other than to quit. There is not a reporting feature or even comment about safe online practices.

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