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It is hard to tell if Singles Crowd is still an active dating site or not.

While you can find the site and register, the story told by the Alexa ranking systems makes the site highly suspect. It would bear being very cautious before registering and committing to a paid account on this site.

First Impressions

The landing page is not promising. It very much has the feel of a template offering and heavily features stock photos. Even in the section that is supposedly showing “real” profile pictures, it is very obvious that these are stock photos, or at the least – staged. Too many of the profile pictures use the same pose for it to be real! You can use the tabs at the top of their page to read a FAQ and some testimonials, but they very much don’t say anything of value or even appear to be real. Before you get to do any meaningful searches or to view profiles they is a push toward signing up for a paid membership.

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How does it compare in the real world?

Alexa doesn’t return any data at all on this site. It gives it a generic rating of over 4million globally and can’t even detect what countries use it the most. It does show that there is some minimal activity searching for the site by keyword, which means that there is probably an AdSense campaign being run somewhere.


According to the landing page, Singles Crowd has an awful lot to offer the “busy single on the go!” It then manages to not detail what any of those features may be beyond an reference to VIP status.

  • Profile so have to go through an approval process that is not defined
  • Email notifications are sent to whatever active email account you registered with the site
  • Profiles can be censored by the site

The lack of any information of what you are getting with a paid membership make the bizarrely detailed tier structure of its paid membership options even more strange.

Price and membership

Much is made of the fact that you can register for free. Then they get to the meat, which is the tiered membership structure.


  • $19.13 per month.


  • $38.34/m
  • $15.93/m for 12 months
  • $240.08 for a lifetime membership
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  • $57.55/m
  • $23.93/m for 12 months
  • $352.16 for a lifetime membership.

Concerning is the offer of a lifetime membership. Somehow this site fails to understand that by offering that they are not supporting the idea that you will be successful in finding someone on their site. Most concerning is that there is a rider on all of these price listings that the prices are subject to change without notice. There are a few instances of complaints online that make it seem as if there is no approval process for a price change on registered accounts before you will be charged the additional amount.


When you take into account the lack of performance data on Alexa with a site that has been in operations for more than a year, the clear use of some kind of AdSense campaign to get visitors and the lack of detailed features for each tier of membership – one big red flag should be waving around over the Singles Crowd site.

It appears as if at the least this site is just aiming to charge you a recurring fee without delivering any type of real functionality. At the most, you may be landing on a site that is frequented by escorts. One thing that is in its favor is that Singles Crowd would appear to be originating in the EU or at least somewhere subject to the Swiss data protection regulations. There is clear mention of that protection in their FAQ so at least you know it is not a phishing site. For the amount of money they are charging, with so little revealed before you sign on – it might be a good idea to stay away from that site. It also might be a good idea to stay away from any dating site that thinks so poorly of itself that it offers a lifetime membership.

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