Truth About Lying in Online Dating Profiles

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If the whole purpose of an online dating site is to find someone you could build a lasting relationship with based in truth and honesty, why should you consider lying on an online dating site to get ahead of other men?

The reason isn’t that “everyone is doing it,” or that you want to make a better impression. There are some very valid reasons why telling little white lies on a dating site can be a good choice:

  • Little white lies can protect your privacy. You don’t know who is viewing your profile and how stable they are, a small lie here and there can give you added protection about you details.
  • Little white lies can allow you to put something forward about yourself that isn’t quite true yet, but is coming close to being true – like saying you have an engineer’ s degree when you are still in your final year.

What is a little white lie?

Before you consider lying on a dating site to get ahead of other men you had better be sure that you know what is considered a little white lie, versus what is a deal-breaking whopper.

  • A little white lie is a slight boast about something that isn’t really true.
  • A whopping lie is a claim about a skill or achievement that does not exist.
  • A little white lie can be about how a woman looks that really isn’t your style but you recognize is attractive.
  • A whopping lie is saying a woman is attractive to you when she is not.
  • A little white lie doesn’t cause harm in any way.
  • A whopping lie has the potential to create distrust, disappointment or harm.
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What you should never lie about

There things you should never consider lying about on an online dating site to get ahead of other men because they will be the kind of lies that will make you look untruthful and unreliable (if not delusional).

  • Don’t lie about your income.
  • Don’t lie about your achievements.
  • Don’t lie about your height or weight.

When is it OK to stretch the truth abit?

It is OK to fudge your age a bit. This is one of the little white lies you can consider telling on an online dating site that may just get you ahead of other men. If you are 60, but you know you hang out more with men who are 40 – it is safe to shave off a few years (not 20 years though). It is also OK to say something already is that hasn’t happened yet, but is on its way to becoming a truth.

Things like –

  • Saying you have a degree you are a semester or two away from achieving.
  • Saying you live in an area that you are preparing to move to.
  • Saying you have been somewhere that you already have the tickets for but haven’t taken the trip yet.
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The reality check

The best way to make sure that the little white lies you are considering telling on an online dating site are the kind that will really get you ahead of other men is to have a friend read your profile before you post it. By friend, it should be a female friend who is familiar with who you like to date. They can serve as your “reality check” to make sure you aren’t fibbing about something that could come back and ruin your chances with a woman later. If you don’t have a friend like that, use the 2 rule. If you need to use more than 2 sentences to explain the little white lie, it isn’t that little and you shouldn’t use it.

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