3 Things Women Look For In Online Dating Profiles

The 3 Main Criteria Women Look for When Analyzing Your Online Dating Profile

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What and who is in the picture with you?

There are unspoken rules about what can be in a profile picture with you. Men have gotten a little better idea about what women look for when analyzing their online dating profile pictures thanks to some recent surveys. What they found were there are some very definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to a man’s profile picture.

  1. Do show your whole body – as in head to toe, not muscles. Muscles pictures are a big turn off, but whole body pictures let them see more of what you really look like.
  2. Don’t have pictures with friends in it – men or women. It sends the wrong message to women. If it is your guy friends it will send the message that you are all about your guy-time. If it is a woman friend – that just raises too many questions with uncomfortable answers.
  3. Don’t take pictures with your pet; it just gives off a weird vibe.
  4. Don’t post pictures from your fantastic vacation that you took ten years ago. Keep the pictures current.
  5. Don’t smile too much, women read this as untrustworthy in a picture of a man they do not know (they also perceive a man who smiles in person as more trustworthy).
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How well is your profile filled out?

One of the big things that women look for when analyzing your online dating profile is how well it is filled out. This is a tricky area because it has to be filled out “just enough.” Too much information and you will come across as desperate and needy. Too little and they will think you aren’t serious, are married, or just want sex. What they want is a concise answer to the major questions. Give a little information wherever you can, but don’t be too curt in your answers.

What does your profile show you are really looking for?

This is a big one. Lots of times profiles are full of either one of two things –

  1. The profile is a statement of how wonderful you are, self-sufficient and don’t really need anyone at all.
  2. It is a laundry list of what you want or don’t want in a woman and relationship that is blatantly based in problems you have had in the past.

You have to make sure that you walk the line in your profile between coming off as confident and self-assured, but also as someone who would love to have more in their life in the nature of a relationship. Skip the laundry list of wants/don’t wants unless it is based in medical allergies. You really don’t know what you can or cannot put up with in a relationship until you are in one. If you are that rigid, you should take your profile down and spend some time in therapy until you get that sorted out.

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So what happens when you pass the test?

So now you know what women look for when they are analyzing your online dating profile, so what happens if you pass the test? You will probably get a short message that then throws the brunt of starting a conversation onto your shoulders. Take the time to read up about the do’s and don’ts of how to handle the first few online contacts so that you don’t blow your chance after having put all that effort into your profile. A little research can go a long way to helping you find the right person to find out what else is possible in life.

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